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Being a mom is a best gift- post partum with lactation nutrition

Being a mom is a best gift. postpartum begins immediately after child birth. Health of the mother is very much important during pregnancy till lactation. At the time of pregnancy till lactation  mother is going through many physical and emotional changes because of so many hormonal changes during pregnancy and after delivery her body release new hormone(oxytocin) i.e for lactation. New born baby's nutrition and immunity completely depend on mother's feed. Nutritious diet with good mental health is very much important for mother at the time of post partum and lactation to strengthen her body itself and give complete nutrition to build foundation for good immunity in child. Post partum period starts from the birth till six weeks in which mother's body adjust herself with hormonal changes that bring physical and emotional change in her environment. During post partum mother's diet must be semi solid and liquid to digest easily as mother needs to take more easy steps during these days to recover her health . Food groups like complex carbohydrates like whole grains, high grade proteins ( milk, chicken soup. veg clear soup with paneer, pulses and lentils only dehusked) with good quality fat with seeds and condiments for infant's and mother's good health. Infant after birth contains maximum hemoglobin than normal and fast process of the breakdown of Hemoglobin releases maximum bile( yellow fluid) in the infant's body and fats has the greatest tendency to absorb bile so mother must include good quality fat to balance infant's body. colostrum(first yellowish milk ) is very nutritious milk to increase the immunity in child than other milk. During lactation (from seventh week ) mother can shift her meal from semi solid to solid foods to welcome all food groups in her diet to bring back her system into a normal routine. Breastfeeding mother approximately include  more 450 kcal to 500 kcal  than the diet she was taking during pregnancy to introduce more healthy foods in daily routine to avoid any allergy or side effects. Mother calories requirement completely based on her BMI, WEIGHT, MEDICAL CONDITIONS. During lactation she must include calcium, magnesium, potassium, fats , protein, selenium, and all vitamins in her diet.


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